Sync.ME for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+


Sync.ME keeps your contacts up-to-date with their latest pictures and information from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+!

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"The App That Turns You Into a God" - TechCrunch

"Sync.ME means never having to say you are sorry…for outdated contact information" - VentureBeat


+ See your friends' full screen picture from Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ when they call you and when you call them.

+ Magically update your contacts with their latest details (picture, phone number, email, company, job title, address & website).

+ If one of your friends changes his job title, email or phone number, your contact list will automatically be updated with their latest details.

+ Choose how you appear in your friends' and colleagues' phones. Meet your ME Card – your ultimate contact and business card. Edit your picture and details to keep your friends updated.

+ Receive birthday reminders for for your friends' birthdays. Create and share with them awesome greetings for any occasion.

Check out Sync.ME - it's fun, easy and FREE. Happy Syncing :)


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+ Smart Tip: Invite your friends and their picture will appear automatically in your contact list!

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