Pocket 12C SE Financial Calculator


Full featured financial calculator for BlackBerry® phones. If you have used a financial calculator before, there is practically no learning curve.

Features include: time value of money, cash flow analysis, amortization, depreciation, bonds calculations, odd period calculations, calendar functions, and lots more. Supports RPN and algebraic data entry. Displays all financial and data storage registers in one convenient window.

French AZERTY and German QWERTZ versions are also available. This is the English QWERTY version. Please contact us for any questions.

NOTE: When you purchase the license the App World will give you a five-digit license key to enter into the calculator's registration window accessible from the Menu Key. The App World will give you this license key after you purchase and install the calculator. So if you have previuosly installed the calculator, before purchasing the license you need uninstall it first. Please contact us if you have any questons.

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