Apptuary is THE app to have if you're an Actuarial student, a qualified Actuary or just have an interest in statistics - PARTICULARLY if you're tired of looking up values in tables of figures!

Apptuary makes compound-interest and statistical calculations fast and easy.

Apptuary can calculate values for annuities-certain for:
- any interest rate
- any number of payment years (including infinite)
- any number of payments per year (including continuous)
- any deferral period.

Apptuary can also calculate cumulative probabilities for a number of discrete and continuous statistical distributions:
- Binomial
- Bernoulli
- Poisson
- Negative Binomial (Type I)
- Negative Binomial (Type II)
- Geometric
- Uniform (Discrete version)
- Standard Normal
- Normal (Gaussian)
- Exponential
- Gamma
- Chi-square
- Uniform (Continuous version)
- Lognormal
- Pareto (Two-parameter version)
- Weibull
- Burr

AND the means and variances for the above distributions PLUS the following:
- Beta
- Pareto (Three parameter version)

AND values for the inverse of the Standard Normal cumulative distribution function.

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