i41CX RPN Calculator


i41CX is the same powerful advanced programmable RPN scientific calculator as the highly rated i41CX+ but without the latter’s expansion and printer capabilities. It is functionally equivalent to the world-renowned HP-41CX and inherits all of the highly acclaimed i41CX+ usability features including extremely responsive and animated key clicks, audible key feedback sounds, optimally spaced keys for accurate input, etc. If you are looking for a powerful programmable RPN scientific calculator but don’t need the expansion and printer capabilities of i41CX+ then i41CX is for you.

• RPN logic with a 4 element deep memory stack
• 319 main and 124 extended memory registers
• Over 300 built-in functions, including nearly 100 functions created specifically for i41CX
• Time, calendar, alarm, and stopwatch functions
• Rich set of functions and algorithms: numerical, mathematical, statistical, and much more
• Access to the entire HP-41 library of solutions for science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, business, financial, surveying, medicine, real estate, and many other domains
• Programmable - Over 2000 lines
• User definable keyboard
• Device integration: external display mirroring, copy and paste, GPS, accelerometer, digital compass, time and date synchronization, and much more
• Sound support including synthetic tones and interface sounds
• Support for calculator skins and optional mini stack display
• Adjustable sound volume and display colors
• Usage & Examples table with usage tips and examples
• Quick reference guide of all built-in functions
• Beautiful and clean user interface

A comprehensive FAQ is available at http://alsoftiphone.com/i41CX. The iTunes "i41CX RPN Calculator Support" link will take you there. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the answers or information that you seek. Thank you.

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